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TUMFC Goalkeeper Academy

The TUMFC Goalkeeper Academy is a program within Thunder United designated to consistent quality goalkeeper training throughout the year. Lead by GK Academy Director, Andrew Miller, this specialized program focuses on the player development of the GK position and its roles as part of the game. The in-depth knowledge brought by Andrew will create an optimal learning environment for players to learn and develop proper positioning, handling, distribution, psychology, and technique to better themselves as goalkeepers.

Message from Andrew Miller:
As the new director for the GK academy, I am extremely excited for this upcoming fall season. I have had a chance to evaluate and work with a handful of the club’s goal keepers and I have seen an amazing group of individuals. The summer camp was a great success and a lot of fun. I look forward to working with these young men and women on a regular basis. We will cover all aspects of goal keeping including diving, handling, distribution and even the mental toughness needed to be a successful goal keeper. Each session will have a theme that will be covered through challenging and engaging drills while still being fun and exciting. Again, I am thrilled to watch the players develop as goalkeepers and leaders on and off the field. 
-Andrew Miller, TUMFC GK Director, 2007 Boys Green & White Head Coach

Goalkeeper training will be twice a week at Lebanon Sports Complex during the fall and spring seasons.