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Player Development. Character. Leadership.


The Thunder United Metro FC (TUMFC) is based in Lebanon, Ohio. TUMFC is a competitive soccer program and a Non-Profit Organization devoted to promoting the game of soccer and serving over 500 boys and girls in the surrounding areas. We are affiliated with Ohio South Youth Soccer Association (OSYSA), US Club Soccer, and the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), which in turn is affiliated with FIFA.

Our mission is to provide children, teenagers, and young adults total soccer development through three pillars: player development, character, and leadership provided by quality training and a dedicated professional coaching staff that promotes character building, leadership, and a life-long love of soccer. 

Our belief is that committed players will benefit from positive coaching, an atmosphere of respect and teamwork, and strong parent support that will ultimately result in a thriving program. It is our belief that with strong commitments from our players and parents, our club will continue to develop and grow. We are striving every day to better our players through player development, character, and leadership. These attributes will carry our members throughout their lives even after they step off the playing field. 

Inquiries? Email TUMFC Director of Coaching, Stephanie Borcilo at



ERIC BORGEMENKE: Girls 2008 Green, Girls 2007 Green
ALLY CARROLL: Girls 2008 White
PAUL GEARHART: Girls 2007 White, Boys 2000 Green
NAK HUON: Girls 2006 Green, Girls 2004 Green
STEVE VAUGHAN: Girls 2005 Green
DAVID WALKER: Girls 2004 White, Boys 2003 White
STEPHANIE PLUMMER: Girls 2002 Green, Director of Coaching
EDUARDO PADRON: Girls 2000 Green, Boys 2004 White
GARRY PHIMISTER: Boys 2009 Green
MICHAEL ABLORDEPPEY: Boys 2009 White, Academy Coach
NATE GEISER: Boys 2008 Green, Boys 2006 Green
NICKI KLASS: Boys 2006 White
RYAN WANTZ: Boys 2005 Green, Boys 2004 Green
HANNAH NELMARK: Boys 2005 White
MICHAEL OSTER: Boys 2003 Green
PARKER VAUGHAN: Boys 2000 White

We are engineers, business owners, instructors, chemists, pharmacists, teachers, lab technicians, judges, accountants, vets, students, and we are