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Thunder FIT

Hello TUMFC Parents,

We have "training" for you...Thunder FIT!

Thunder FIT is a walking/jogging club for parents! The goal of this club is simple - fitness. We have all sat at practice and watched our kids working hard and thought “I should be doing something to stay in shape”. This is your opportunity to take action, get in shape, meet other parents, and lead by example!

Here’s how it works…

Step 1 Walk or run

Step 2 Enter the team you are walking/running for and the number of laps you completed, in this super simple form

Step 3 Click “submit”

Your number of laps will be saved on the Thunder website (it will be updated a couple of times throughout the season).

What is a “Lap”?

A lap is one circle around the entire Lebanon Sports Complex (approximately 1.3 miles). Basically, skirt the outside of all the playing fields until you get back to where you started - that is one lap!

Why should I do it?

Sitting in your car or watching your child practice will not give you that beach body you are looking for. Ok...walking or running around the complex may not either, but I guarantee you will feel better, sleep better, and drop a few pounds.

At the end of the season, the team with the most laps based on a per player average will win a party!!

Make the decision to be active and lead by example when it come to fitness and your family. Let’s show the kids that staying in shape and taking care of yourself does not end after high school. Walk with friends or by yourself...just encourage each other to get out there and do it!

Thank you,
Rick Markich

Walking for Westshore

Westshore Pizza & Cheesesteaks is located in Mason will sponsor a pizza party for the team whose parents complete the most recorded laps!

Westshore Pizza & Cheesesteaks is located at 6176 Tylersville Road in Mason. Stop in and see them...don’t forget to mention you play for Thunder United Metro FC!

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