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By requiring silent sidelines from TUMFC teams during their home games at Lebanon Sports Complex September 28-30th, everyone can finally hear what is happening on the field. We will hear many things from the players, and most importantly, we will hear how the kids support each other as teammates and problem solve together, on their own. Coaches, parents, and spectators can observe the triumphs and failures of their team with as it becomes a learning experience for all.

Simply put, the objectives of Silent Soccer are:

  • To emphasize that the game is about letting the kids play and have fun
  • To give the players a chance to play totally on their own
  • To help the few parents and coaches who feel they must provide constant direction understand how disruptive it really is
  • To show all parents that the kids can play well on their own with limited instruction


To really sell this, we’re asking you to create a sign, bring a green or yellow towel to wave, or come up with anything you can think of to "cheer" for your team. There will be sign making and supplies for TUMFC teams at the shelter from 6:30 to 7:30pm on Monday September 24th and Tuesday September 25th to help cheer on your favorite teams and players this weekend! This could be a great team bonding activity. Feel free to bring your own supplies to contribute to your poster!

Remember, this weekend is designed to simply let the players play, learn to effectively communicate with fellow teammates, and put to use what they have learned. Let’s look for creative ways to cheer them on and listen to them. Who knows… we may learn something about our kids over the weekend!

To get a better idea of TUMFC's Silent Soccer, view this clip of Thunder United on Jimmy Kimmel: